Legible vs illegible signature

What does a legible signature tell you (apart from the name of the writer) as opposed to an illegible signature?

Legible means the writer is interested in communicating, illegible means they are not.

If the body is legible, and the signature is not, then the writer considers it important the message be understood, but not anything about the writer.

If the whole things is illegible then no real communication has happened at all.

It is very unusual to find illegible script, followed by a legible signature but if it did occur, it would mean that the message the writer was sending was not important or for some reason they did not really want to send it or have it understood, but the identify of the writer was important.

Obviously, writing is a form of communication, and in communication being understood is of paramount importance. So in general, a legible script followed by a legible signature is the best communicaiton.

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