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Here’s help for anyone who is hiring new staff, promoting existing staff or dealing with staff conflicts.

This review could save you money, time  and frustration.

WYHCover new Hiring Help for Employers“Hire the Right (Write) Person the First Time:
What you really want to know about your job applicants”

A common tool already in some parts of the world, this is an almost secret strategy in North American employers to effectively expose a job candidate’s “fatal flaws” in minutes!

It is now being used more and more by North American employers because:

  • It can save $1,000s, reduce attrition & increase staff productivity and satisfaction by hiring the right person the first time.
  • It is easier, quicker, more accurate candidate assessments than you ever thought possible.

Hiring staff is expensive and time consuming.

By the time you advertise, read resumes, interview, hire and train you have already spent more than one year’s salary of the new employee in time and money invested in the hiring process – only to have to repeat it all again if they don’t work out.

Hiring on gut feeling is risky. The trial and error method costs $1,000s in wages, time and resources plus the added danger of low staff morale.

Computer generated tests can be anywhere from $75 to $500 for each individual.  They are time consuming and usually result in pages and pages of information for the employer to wade through.

An independent consultant can be even more expensive, ranging from $100 – $500 an hour.

These methods just don’t cut it in today’s fast paced, interview savvy world.

dollar euro Hiring Help for Employers

Would you, as an employer, be interested in:

  • Instant ResultsCost Efficiency
  • Time Efficiency
  • A Method of Assessing Potential Employees that could even generate results during the interview?

This is not only possible; you can do it yourself easily and quickly.

Jeff King, Entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado writes: “I was given this as a gift, and initially was a total sceptic – but now it’s my constant helper whenever I have to hire, promote or reassign duties. Amazing how it works.”

You see, I’ve been a Certified Handwriting Analyst and Personality Expert for over 15 years.

  • I’ve been an Employer hiring staff so I understand the problems and the frustrations.
  • I’ve assisted HR Professionals in the hiring process.
  • I’ve worked as a Career Coach training job applicants in the niceties of interview skills
  • So I know that the best person is not always the one who interviews the best.

And the secret to hiring the right person the first time is by analyzing the writing of potential candidates.

secret Hiring Help for Employers

  • You can analyze an entire page
  • Or you can analyze just a few words
  • You can look for multiple traits
  • Or you can look for just the ones you have decided are most important.

It has been proven to greatly reduce attrition and build a happier, more productive team, so much so that 90% of European Employers use it as a hiring tool.

Handwriting Analysis takes the guesswork out of hiring.

It allows you, the employer, to make more informed hiring decisions by identifying the personality and soft skills of job candidates without the use of questions and answers which can be manipulated, or trusting the truth of the candidate’s stories.

Learn how to analyze personality of candidates, hire the right person the first time, reduce attrition and increase staff retention and satisfaction.

In “Hire the Right (Write) Person the First Time: What you really want to know about your job applicants” you’ll learn:

  • 4 handwriting clues that reveal an untrustworthy character
  • Find 11 ways to tell if the candidate has effective interpersonal skills
  • Instant recognition of over 50 individual character traits
  • Including how to tell who is committed, responsible, will show initiative and much more…
  • “click and go” access to each personality trait (electronic version)
  • To identify 15 different important character groupings PLUS a special additional section on signatures.

checkmark Hiring Help for Employers

It is:

  • easy to use,
  • time & cost effective,
  • can be used immediately
  • can be used before an interview,
  • DURING an interview to guide questions,
  • as well as after for a more in depth look.

You can use it to make more informed decisions about promotions and who will function best in the higher position.

You can use it to better understand the personalities and triggers involved in workplace conflicts.

No more waiting for results to come back. No more lengthy reports to wade through. Just pick out what you really want to know.

Do it yourself in very little time at no extra cost per person.

Build a happier, more productive workforce starting today.

“Hire the Right (Write) Person the First Time: What you really want to know about your job applicants”

delivers all that and more.

“I am so impressed with “Hire the Right Person” I use it every time I hire and to find out what’s going on with other members of my staff too. The best insight into people I’ve ever found. Thanks” John H. Underwood, Small Business Owner, Chicago, Ill.


This book includes real writing samples of real people, for easy of identification of traits, real world applications of the writing strokes, and added interest to your reading.

It also includes a well organized list of traits so you can find what you want immediately, saving you time looking for information, and eliminating the need to memorize anything.

Each skill grouping is clearly identified so you can recognize what you want without having to search through other material. You can look for just one attribute or produce a full report.

This book can solve your hiring problems.

stop sign Hiring Help for Employers

STOP: sending off for computer generated assessment reports at an exorbitant cost of $75 or more per candidate.
spending $150+ an hour on consultants.
STOP: losing $1,000s on bad hires.

“Terrific information! I was tired of hires that didn’t work out, so I bought “Write, You’re Hired” and the very first person I hired with its help has proved to be a gem.” Angela McMasters, Retail Store Owner, Toronto, ON

Plus you also get…

charts cover Hiring Help for EmployersBonus One: The Charts E-Booklet will let you fill in your results faster, and give you an “at a glance’ evaluation of each candidate.

  • Simply choose the skill groupings that are appropriate to the position and fill in the charts.
  • The scoring method is simple and fast and gives you an “at a glance” comparison of candidates and thorough assessment of each individual.
  • Extra Benefit is a list of suggested skill groupings for popular jobs.

3ft%20cover Hiring Help for EmployersBonus Two: What you can tell about a Person, Three Feet Away and Upside Down” E booklet

  • Use this to help you understand not only job applicants, but anyone you have a meeting with as you watch them write their notes, or even a cheque, across the table from you.

WYHCover new Hiring Help for Employers“Hire the Right (Write) Person the First Time: What you really want to know about your job applicants” E-Book and Bonuses all for the ridiculously low price of $39.97

“I would recommend “Hire the Right Person” to any business owner who hires staff. It’s amazing how accurate it is.” Rachel Sanderson, Business Coach, Houston, TX

If you prefer to also have a printed copy, the combination package includes:

  • all the electronic products mentioned above,
  • plus a printed, coil bound version of all three items.
  • Ebook Plus Soft Cover Combination Package only $59.94

You can order your copy today, before your next applicant shows up for an interview, and reduce hiring stress, time and cost.

Your peace of mind is worth it.

P.S. Don’t wait till yet another new hire has proved unsuitable.

P.P.S. Hiring has never been easier – make your decision now to hire the “Write” person the first time.

P.P.P.S. Save time, money and frustration NOW!


Do you have a questions about writing? practicalhandwritinganalysis@gmail.com

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