Vision Boards and Handwriting Analysis

Vision Boards are a strong tool in achieving goals.  They have various names: collages, treasure maps, visual goal boards.  All are the same thing.

And Vision Boards work wonderfully well when combined with Handwriting Analysis – Graphotherapy.

When you are recovering from a physical injury the doctor may give you medication but he may also give you exercises to do or send you to physiotherapy.

That is just one example of the many events and situations in life when we use more than one strategy to achieve our goals.

In the above example, of course, the goal it to recover totally from the injury and be fit again.

And so it is with any goal.

A vision board along with Handwriting Analysis – Graphotherapy is a combination that I recommend highly to help you achieve your dreams.

If you read this blog often at all, you have probably read about Graphotherapy before.

To my way of thinking it is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to achieve our goals, to engage in personal development and to overcome unconsciously self imposed limitations.

And I have often, in combination with Graphotherapy, encouraged the use of vision boards, or treasure maps. The two work wonderfully together.

The vision board gives visual, and, if electronic, sometimes audio re-enforcement of your desired goals.

At the same time your handwriting gives you a physical tool to work with the keep going in the right direction, and also gives you early warning signs if you are starting to slip back into old ways.

Together they form a powerful double tool to help you get what you want out of life, whether your goals are concrete in nature or more abstract (as in much of personal development.)

I have discovered the most terrific tool which assists you create an action and audio packed vision board on your computer.

Get your copy of VBS right now!

Vision Board System (VBS) is the most powerful goal setting and motivation package on the market and is the product of six years of experience.

It enables you to visualize your goals and dreams in unique and dynamic ways on your computer screen, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, photo frame, on your office wall, personal website and so on.

In the comprehensive creation process, you will be able to use your personal dream images, affirmations and even your chosen audio.

VBS combines effective software with superb educational material and ongoing encouragement.

By reading The Vision Juicing e-Handbook included you will become a master in the effective use of Vision Boards, learn the proven ways to apply visualization, understand how limiting beliefs can hold you back and how you can counteract them effectively.

Through the hands-on exercises in the Workbook, you will develop a crystal clear picture of your vision. You will identify your goals following a success formula and put together powerful affirmations that continue to empower and inspire you.

To top this all up, you will be able to register for a 6 Week coaching series, ongoing “Splash of Inspiration” emails and become part of their online community

The different elements of this complete and proven system will set you up for life to achieve your most idealistic visions.

Keeping you inspired, motivated and connected on your path to success!

Take your life to the next level, follow your bliss to success and enjoy a happier and successful life.

You can use the same affirmations on your vision board as you use to write for your Graphotherapy exercises. This way you are using three different methods to program your subconscious.

You are using the visuals and the audio of the vision board, and you are using the action of writing, which of course also combines with visually reading what you are writing.

Don’t waste another minute.

It’s an unbeatable combination.

Graphotherapy and a Vision Board.

Click here for more on Graphotherapy.

Make Vision Board System (VBS)part of your daily goal achievement

Get your copy of VBS right now!

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