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What does Handwriting Analysis DO?

So it’s all very interesting to say I am a Handwriting Analyst,
but what does Handwriting Analysis DO?

There are two main ways of using handwriting analysis.

  1. To identify personality traits
  2. To identify if two or more writing samples were written by the same person

1. Identifying Personality Traits

It can be used as a personal development tool, as you identify your strengths and weaknesses and can work to change whatever you wish to change.

It can be used to identify how two, or more, people will get along together. Common ways of using it in this way are compatibility reports for couples, or for employment. Employers also use it as a team building tool for their staff.

Genealogists use it to better get to know their ancestors.

Or it can be used just for general interest.

2. Identifying if two or more writing sample were written by the same person

This is usually used when one or more documents are suspected to be forgeries. It is possible by examining the handwriting to tell if even an accomplished forger has copied someone’s signature or handwriting. Lawyers, the courts and police use this frequently as well as the general public.

Handwriting analysis can also be used for fun!  Presentations with instant readings of the writing of the participants are popular, as well as more formal presentations to larger audiences on how to discover secrets about people just by examining their handwriting.

This is what I do. If you have any questions please use the contact form on the right of the screen, near the top and I will reply as soon as possible.

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Applicant Screening

Handwriting Analysis for Applicant Screening

Hire the (Right) Write Person the FIRST Time:
What you really want to know about your job applicants

m WYHCover new 125x150 Applicant Screeningby Fiona MacKay

“Write, You’re Hired!” Tool for HR and Small Business

Whether you are the Employer or the Potential Employee,
knowing what you have to offer in the workplace,
can have terrific, positive results.

This book in now available in Paperback from Amazon Applicant Screening

and in Electronic (PDF) format downloadable from my website :

Read a Free Sample Chapter from
“Hire the Write Person the FIRST Time:
What you really want to know about your job applicants”

Before you say “(Right) Write, You’re hired”, learn more about your potential employees

than any interview can ever give you. Find out about their true personality, their
“soft” skills (the non-technical ones, such as communication, problem solving etc)

More on the Top Ten Qualities Employers are looking for.

Discover the personal abilities and the problem areas of your potential employees
to make an informed decision on whom to hire.

Wouldn’t you like to be sure that when you say “(Right) Write You’re Hired” that
you are Hiring the “Write” Person the First Time!

Two ways to use this book:

- No Time?  Just look up the index for the exact trait you want to investigate and go to that page, find out how to identify it from writing … and go… that’s all there is to it!

- Like more detail?  “Hire the Write Person the First Time” is laid out in chapters according to skill groupings.  You may want to read it cover to cover, or you may want to skip to the chapter of most interest to you just now, and come back to the others later.

Read a FREE Chapter of:
“Hire the Write Person the FIRST Time:
What you really want to know about your job applicants”

Before you say “Write, You’re Hired”, you can look at your job applicant’s writing
and quickly identify …

#1 Effective Communication
#2 Commit to the Job
#3 Learn New Tasks Willingly
#4 Accept Responsibility 
#5 Excellent Interpersonal Skills
#6 Make Decisions
#7 Flexibility 
#8 Leadership Potential
#9 Grow in Job
#10 Ability to Handle Personal Problems
Manual Dexterity
Team Player
Ask Questions
Able to Work Unsupervised 
Understand what a Signatures tell you.

 put it all together with the “Charts and Rankings”
a quick tool for organizing your findings and gauge the writer’s suitability for the job.

CHARTS2 Applicant Screening
“Charts and Rankings” gives instant groupings and ranking methods for instant visual analysis of
which candidate is most suited, and which specific strengths and weaknesses each possesses.

Produce easy to read Reports at a Glance with this indispensable tool.


PLUS… Learn how to tell an amazing amount about someone who is writing, or reading their own notes,
as they sitting across the table from you with


And, when you buy the PDF version, you also get:

3ft%20cover Applicant Screening

What You Can Tell About a Person, 3 Feet Away & Upside Down Report

A 12 page booklet with writing samples and descriptions

This is a fun booklet giving you insights into anyone you see writing something,
even if they’re “3 feet away and upside down’!! 
(For example, sitting across the table from you, writing.)

Check them out at:

Click on the image below to go to Amazon

 Applicant Screening


Click on the image below to see it in PDF format Applicant Screening

m WYHCover new 125x150 Applicant Screening

To your happy and effective workplace,

fiona sig for pha blog 150x100 Applicant Screening

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Hiring Help for Employers

Here’s help for anyone who is hiring new staff, promoting existing staff or dealing with staff conflicts.

This review could save you money, time  and frustration.

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Get a job with help from your handwriting

When you go for a job interview, or even when you are writing your resume and cover letter, do you know what your soft skills are?

Do you know what personal qualities the employer is looking for?

Your writing can help…

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Printing or script: what does it say about me?

“I write with a mixture of printing and joined-up writing. What does that mean?”

I hear that question so often after I have made a presentation on handwriting analysis to a group.

People always seem to assume it’s something negative, but it’s not…  In fact it’s a really useful ability to have.  With other positive attributes, it can become a real gift. » Continue reading “Printing or script: what does it say about me?”

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Large writing or small writing: Size does matter

Do you have large writing? Do you have small writing? Or do you think your writing is somewhere in the middle with regard to size?

Size is a significant element in handwriting… » Continue reading “Large writing or small writing: Size does matter”

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Top Ten Strengths of Workplace Re-Entry Women

So what are the top ten strengths of women going back into the workplace?

Women returning to the workforce often sell themselves short, partly because of society’s view that if you’re not in the paid workforce you are “doing nothing”.

The other part of this equation is because after a few years of dealing mainly with children and duties around the home, many women find own self esteem and self confidence is low as to what they have to offer in the world of work.

But as any savvy employer knows, a woman returning to the workplace brings with her extremely valuable skills and qualities. » Continue reading “Top Ten Strengths of Workplace Re-Entry Women”

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Extroverts vs Introverts lists Extrovert as being and outgoing and gregarious person, a person concerned primarily with the physical and social environment, and an Introvert as a shy person, a person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings.

Handwriting can tell which a writer is. » Continue reading “Extroverts vs Introverts”

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How to Use Handwriting Analysis: Eleven Ways

Perhaps you have heard of graphology, but really have no idea how to use handwriting analysis in your daily life!

There are many professional uses, including law enforcement and mental health evaluation.

But here we will look at more personal ways to use handwriting analysis, that you can use readily. » Continue reading “How to Use Handwriting Analysis: Eleven Ways”

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Choosing Personality Tests: why Handwriting Analysis

There are a wide variety of personality tests you can do and most people enjoy taking a personality quiz.multiple choice answers Choosing Personality Tests: why Handwriting Analysis

However the problem with most personality assessments is that it involves you answering questions about you. Handwriting analysis solves that problem. » Continue reading “Choosing Personality Tests: why Handwriting Analysis”

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