Comprehensive Handwriting Readings

Comprehensive Handwriting Readings can help in many ways. Handwriting Readings of your own writing can: identify your strengths and how to make them even stronger identify your weaknesses and how to remove them, or change them help you understand yourself better decide what personal development you want to engage in decide on a career discover […]

YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel Visit my YouTube Channel here or scroll down to view each of the Playlists from here. There I am posting, several times a week, short videos on how to identify specific personalities from handwriting and how to make any changes you want to make. I have lots of ideas for lots of videos – stay […]

Gift Certificates

Give a Handwriting Analysis Gift Certificate An ideal, truly unique gift for someone “who has everything.” The Gift Certificates can be used to buy any Readings/ Reports or Books

Understand & Be Understood

Communication Skills are among the most important skills you need to be a success in your life: Understand & Be Understood Handwriting analysis can help you identify, use and gain new communication skills to help you in business or in your personal life. Understand, be Understood: Effective Communication through Handwriting E-book Kindle Version OR  PDF […]

Handwriting Analysis Books

How-to Handwriting Analysis Books Below you will find book on how to use Handwriting Analysis for specific purposes. All the books contain clear instructions and illustrations for you to follow whether you are trying to identify traits from yours or someone else’s writing or whether you wish to change something about your writing. Newest Publication […]

Power Signature

How to Create a Power Signature using Handwriting What is the piece of writing you see most often? What do you write most often? A signature. Even in these days of texting and email, just about everyone still has to actually write their name sometimes. And when you do, you are giving away a great […]

Change your life, be all you can be – by changing your handwriting.

Change your life, be all you can be – by changing your handwriting. Yes, it works. You can change your life by changing your writing. Personal Development using Handwriting, or Graphotherapy, involves changing your writing to change character traits. It is a unique, but extremely effective way of realizing your potential. You can improve your life […]

Speaking & Entertainment Services

Handwriting Analysis Speaking & Entertainment Services Keynotes on personality and handwriting. Easily adapted to the theme or topic of the event Informative & Interactive Fun & Inspirational Includes instant readings of participants writing (depending upon numbers) Q & A at end Presentations, Workshops, Seminars tailored to fit your group and your time frame can be on […]

The Love and Relationship Personality Test

The Love and Relationship Personality Test PAPERBACK from Amazon The Love and Relationship Personality Test: Using Handwriting Analysis: Find out if this is your Soulmate or a Heartache in Disguise OR Kindle The Love and Relationship Personality Test   Internet Dating? Speed Dating? Conventional Dating? Considering a Long Term Relationship? Know more about your date […]

Practical Handwriting Analysis – Welcome

Welcome to Practical Handwriting Analysis  To get you started, here are 9 Things Handwriting can do for You. Click on image to enlarge it. To some extent handwriting is a lost art, but we still write at least our signatures and whenever anyone writes, even just their name, their personality shines through like a beacon.  ………………. […]