Left handed writers

Left Handed Writers

Does it make a difference to analyzing writing if the writer is left handed?

Answer: yes and no!  Read on…

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Wavy baseline in handwriting: Quick Tip #13

Wavy baseline in handwriting:  Quick Tip #13

When you are writing on unlined paper, the baseline of your writing tells a great deal.

  • It can be very straight.
  • It can be uphill.
  • It can be downhill.
  • Or it can be gently meandering along with a undulating base.

When it’s up, down, waving gently along the line of script what does that mean?

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Jealousy is an insecurity

Jealousy when seen in a small child, whose family has just grown to include a new baby, is easily identifiable as an insecurity.  The child is worried that there won’t be enough love and attention to go around, and that they will receive less.

In adults it can be harder to recognize, but it still has the same roots. Someone else has, or is perceived to have, something the jealous person wants.

Identifying jealousy in your own or someone else’s writing can help deal with it.

Knowing from where the behaviour stems makes coping with it more possible.

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Aggressiveness: Quick Tip #12

Aggressiveness has a negative ring to it.  It brings to mind someone pushing ahead without regard for others.

It can indeed be that, but that is not necessarily the case.  Whether it is present in the personality, and whether is it a negative or a positive can be easily identified from handwriting.

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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique and Handwriting Analysis

Emotional Freedom Technique works fantastically well with Handwriting Analysis and just like Handwriting Analysis it is simple to use.

I have used it myself and find it an excellent tool to use either alone, or even more powerfully, in combination with Graphotherapy.

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Set & Achieve Goals like an Olympian

So what has handwriting got to do with the Olympics, you might ask?

Well, nothing directly, however Olympic athletes are obviously very good at setting their goals and keeping on going until they reach them and how you set and achieve your goals (or not!) shows clearly in your writing.

And the goood news is, if you don’t already have them, you can get them.

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Hiring Help for Employers

Here’s help for anyone who is hiring new staff, promoting existing staff or dealing with staff conflicts.

This review could save you money, time  and frustration.

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Get a job with help from your handwriting

When you go for a job interview, or even when you are writing your resume and cover letter, do you know what your soft skills are?

Do you know what personal qualities the employer is looking for?

Your writing can help…

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Secretiveness: Can you keep a Secret? Quick Tip #12

When you say the phrase “keeping a secret” most people immediately think of deep, dark, mysterious or bad topics.  Or “What do you have to hide.”

But really secretiveness is just maintaining confidentiality.

And the trait of secretiveness is easy to identify in handwriting.

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Honesty and Deceit

“Is this person telling the truth? “

This is one of the commonest questions people ask.

  • They ask it of themselves.
  • They ask it of others.
  • They ask it of me when I am looking at handwriting.

And yes, handwriting does show honesty and deceit clearly.

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