Conventional or Enterprising: which are you?

I was watching the Wheel of Fortune recently.  I love the short chat-break between Pat Sajak and Vana White at the end of the show.

Pat is funny, but what I enjoy is Vana’s ‘down home” personality.  Here is a woman who wears more glamorous dresses than almost anyone else on the planet, and she talks quite happily about her vegetable garden and the like!

What got my attention in this particular episode was Vana telling everyone that monkeys eat bananas by peeling them from the other end, and how much easier that is than the way we normally peel them.


(I gave it a shot and she’s right!)

That got me to thinking about people who prefer to do things in the conventional, established way as opposed to those who really enjoy finding out things like peeling bananas from the opposite end (obviously I am one of them).

Here is how Conventional vs Enterprising shows in your handwriting. Continue reading

Procrastination really is…

It is unlikely that when you procrastinate you are doing completely nothing.

So you are doing something.

So how can you be procrastinating?

The answer is obvious.

You are procrastinating because you are doing something else, something that is not so urgent or important as the thing you are putting off.

Sometimes we can convince ourselves that this other something is more important.  Or we tell ourselves the important thing is not really so important, or that we will have plenty of time to get it done later when in fact this is not the case. Continue reading

Procrastination: How to identify it and how to stop it

Webster’s Dictionary describes procrastination as “to put off doing something that should be done, dawdle, delay.”

In handwriting there is a trait called procrastination, that means just that: to put off, dawdle or delay.  But it is not the only trait that illustrates this behavior.

That is one of the amazing (and useful) things about handwriting analysis, that is can show you, with a clarity that nothing else I know of can, from there the behavior originates and what is the underlying cause.

Here are eight other traits that can hold you back and “masquerade” as procrastination. Continue reading

Enthusiasm: Start an Epidemic

Enthusiasm is contagious.  You can start an epidemic

This is an anonymous quote I found today, and I love it!

Yes, you might even say I am enthusiastic about it.

Another quote I found that can help you be enthusiastic if you are not already so is:

If you want to be happy, act happy.

(also anonymous)

It may come as a surprise to you to hear that your handwriting can be the tool that enables you to develop and grow your enthusiasm and create happiness. Continue reading

A Unique Approach to Gift Giving

Handwriting Analysis can give you a unique approach to gift giving


By checking out their writing you can find some unique clues as to what would be an excellent gift for that writer.

Here are a few tips.

Get some writing of the person or people to whom you are giving gifts and check out the following:  Continue reading

Worry and Blame. Stop them in their tracks.

Are you a worrier?  Do you blame yourself unnecessarily?

Self blame.  It can be so much tougher than blame from any other source. Worry can take over your life if you let it.

Here is quote I found recently, by Louise Hay:

“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”…

Here is how your handwriting can help… Continue reading

Change and the Secret of an Open Mind

Change can be hard to handle.  Even change that you want to happen still takes its emotional toll.

It’s all very well to say “Be open minded”, but it can be much harder to do, especially it you dearly wish things were still the way they were.

But change isn’t going to disappear because we don’t like it. So we have a choice.

We can either embrace the change and find what positives lie within it or we can fight it, complain about it and finally lose the battle anyway.

Ask yourself, which would make you happier?

Here are some tips to help you grow with change. Continue reading

Success through handwriting

I am a strong believer in the power and strength of Graphotherapy.

  • It can change your life for the better.
  • It can alert you to when/ if you start to slip back into your own ways.
  • It gives you the power to stop that slide in its tracks.

Do you want to change something about yourself?  Continue reading

What everybody ought to know about Signatures

Why are people so interested in their signature and the signatures of other people, when often they don’t really care about how the rest of the writing looks?

Here are some tips about signatures.

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