8 Tips on How to write your new Signature.

 8 Tips on How to write your new Signature.


When you change your writing and keep it that way over a period of time, you change your personality as well.

Handwriting is body language, and we ultimately become the person we behave as, if we continue to behave that way consistently.

Some people change their signature just because they like how it looks.

Some people change their signature to change something about their personality.

But no matter what the intention, changing your signature does affect your personality. Continue reading

10 Tips on Changing your Signature

I often receive emails from people who are considering changing their Signature and carefully creating a new one.

Is this a good idea?

That depends… Continue reading

Your “Best” Writing: Quick Tip #7

When people give me writing to analyze they almost always apologize that it is not their “best” writing, and follow up with some reason why.

But I don’t want their “best” writing, and neither do you if you are going to be looking for personality traits in the script. Continue reading

But I was taught to write this way…

We were all taught to write at one time. We were taught a particular style, depending on where we were living. We copied from books and from the teacher’s writing, trying our best to make our writing look the same.blackboard

Fine. But what age were you then?

Do you still do everything else as you had to do it then? Continue reading

Signature Analysis: It only happens in my signature! Quick Tip #6

Any stroke that only happens in your signature has special significance.

Your signature is very personal, so a stroke that happens only there applies to you on a very personal level. Continue reading

Spot the Dot: It Tells a Lot!

Attention to detail can be important to your success – do you have it?

Compared with the bulk of the rest of a sample of writing, a lonely little “i”-dot seems very insignificant.

Don’t you believe it!  “i”-dots reveal a great deal. Continue reading

Signature Analysis: Gaps between Names

Most people sign more than one name in their signature. It may be as simple as one initial and name, or it may be 3 or 4 names written out in full.signature

How many names you write and whether they are written out in full or just initials all has its own meaning.

For now, however, we will look just at the significance of the amount of space left between names, and whether it’s the same each time or not. Continue reading

Diplomacy: does it show in your signature? Quick tip #3

Diplomacy – or lack of it – shows in writing in general, and will be just as obvious in a signature.happy face

Natural diplomacy shows when the writing become increasingly smaller as the word, or line of writing goes on. But only if the writing also continues to be as legible at the end as it is at the start.


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Small Capitals in Signature: Quick Tip #2

What does it mean when someone’s signature has noticeably small capitals?

It is an indication of modesty. This writer does not seek the limelight. S/he may like to be in the center of things, knowing what is going on (this will show if their signature is in the middle of the page) but they don’t want to be noticed and attract attention.

small caps in name

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